'5 Takeaways from Elton John’s Last U.S. Stop on

Elton John’s Last U.S. Stop on

” With those

words, Elton John concluded the final show of his last U

To say

it’s the end of an era doesn’t begin to do justice to John

  Starting with his

now-fabled run at Los Angeles Troubadour in 1970 to 52 years later, few solo artists have

He also

remarked it was the 271st show of the Farewell Yellow Brick Show outing, which began

show, but

the tour will continue through July 2023 stopping in Australia, New Zealand and Europe

By October,

the show had already grossed more than $660 million from over 250 U

  By the time

the tour ends, it will undoubtedly surpass U2’s 360 Tour to be the second

The only

question is if it can capture Ed Sheeran’s The Divide Tour, which earned $776

Billboard Boxscore

doesn’t span John’s entire touring life, but in the three decades it has

7 billion to

make him the highest grossing solo act in the chart’s history

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