'Adam Sandler Standup Show Puts Generation Gap to Song

Show Puts Generation Gap to Song

So it’s

easy to forget that Sandler’s career began as a standup comic

In the

mid-to-late 1990s, Sandller toured with goofy, rude standup bits mixed with lovable, sing-along songs of

” And he

injected music into many of his most beloved onscreen appearances, like “The Wedding Singer

(Even if

he did clue AC’s casino crowd to the fact that he was recently robbed

 Was this an

often rude, crude display of a live Peter Pan Complex with ditzy inappropriate childishness,

The Sandman

is silly, but also with a wizened mix of emotion, intelligence, reminiscence, currency and pop

Though the

aging process (personally, professionally) was a large part of his stand-up and musical conversation, Sander

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