'AKMU’s Lee Chanhyuk Gets Head Buzzed for ‘Panorama’ Performance:

Gets Head Buzzed for ‘Panorama’ Performance:

While K-pop

performances are synonymous with coordinated choreography and flashy stage setups, singer-producer Lee Chanhyuk brought something

17, Chanhyuk

took to the South Korean music television program Inkigayo to deliver one of the first performances

Chanhyuk is

one half of the beloved K-pop/folk duo AKMU with his younger sister Suhyun

The primary

producer and writer behind the team, Chanhyuk not only handles a majority of AKMU’s

Error marks the

26-year-old’s opportunity to share his unique musical style via listening and visual experiences

The 11

tracks of Error are said to tell a story detailing someone’s reaction after being involved

The accompanying

music video for “Panorama” encapsulates the album’s story as Chanhyuk is seen on the

A theme

throughout the album, and first shared on the “Eyewitness Account” track, is about a protagonist

The record’s

storyline likely plays into Chanhyuk’s head-shaving performance and why he chose not to

Written entirely

by Chanhyuk, the throwback ’80s sounds throughout Error were already refreshing to the K-pop scene

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