'Ando Hiroyasu: Tokyo Film Festival Is Ready For In-Person

Film Festival Is Ready For In-Person

The Olympic

Games, the Coronation of the Emperor and the COVID pandemic have each thrown up challenges

But the

festival’s chairman Ando Hiroyasu was bullish about this year’s 35th edition, when he

TIFF has

overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and is returning to full-scale operation for the first time in

Among the

things that I put my efforts into this year are: Expansion of the venues, the

Three large

cinemas, Toho Cinemas Hibiya, Marunouchi Toei and Marunouchi Piccadilly will join last year’s list

The festival

is also adding the Marunouchi area for the related events

The Kurosawa

Akira Award has returned to TIFF this year after 14 years

(As announced

earlier, the award will go to Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and Japanese director Fukada

We resume

inviting guests from abroad in earnest this year, something which we were not much able

This should

stimulate interactions between filmmakers from Japan and around the world, at the festival

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