'Antipode Sales Boards IDFA Title ‘Things I Could Never

IDFA Title ‘Things I Could Never

Israel-based world

sales company Antipode Sales has boarded Bangladeshi filmmaker Humaira Bilkis’ documentary “Things I Could Never

The film

premiered at Switzerland’s Visions du Réel and it has also been to France’

It plays

at IDFA’s Best of Fests strand and also at its Docs for Sale market,

After doing

a masters degree in communications and journalism, Bilkis gave up her teaching job in order

“Things I

Could Never Tell My Mother” is a deeply personal subject for Bilkis

When I

returned in 2014, first thing I realized a change in my mother, she leaned towards religion

From my

familial experience, I find them very jovial and positive towards media

But when

their daughter is engaging in it, they are not at all comfortable

I realized

my mother is more reactive towards my activity than my father whereas she used to

“So I

started my dialogue with my mother, spending more time with her and in the process

Toby Keith, Michael Hardy,

‘Forever After All,’ Sony Music Publishing