'Apple Music Price Increase May Lead Other Streamers to

Increase May Lead Other Streamers to

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Apple wasn’t

the first music streaming company to broadly raise prices

In May,

Amazon hiked prices for Prime members for Amazon Music Unlimited from $7

99 (or $79

to $89 if paid annually) and for the single-device plan (for Amazon’s Echo and Fire TV

And Spotify

started testing the waters in 2021 by modestly raising prices on some plans in select markets – 46

But Apple’s

decision to ask subscribers for more money signals a tide change and will likely

Speaking during

Spotify’s earnings call on Tuesday, CEO Daniel Ek strongly signaled the company would follow

“is one

of the things we would like to do,” Ek told investors, and Spotify could raise

Prices for

music subscription services have remained stubbornly low for the past decade — to the chagrin of

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