'Béla Tarr Urges Students to Be Free, Stop Complaining:

Students to Be Free, Stop Complaining:

Tarr, in

town to collect his lifetime achievement award and lead a workshop for young filmmakers, stopped

I knew

that if I manage to make this movie, I won’t be able to say

We all

know these guys who had some success 30 years ago and they keep using the same

But something

that was powerful 30 years ago is not powerful today

Celebrated –

and despised – for his unique style, Tarr also discussed it during a masterclass

“My takes

became longer and longer, because I was thinking about time and cinema was ignoring it

I guess

I wanted to understand something about the world,” he says

These days,

he is more interested in showing young filmmakers how to be themselves, he says

“You know,

when I say I am ‘teaching,’ it’s not education

“The biggest

problem with education is when a teacher tells you the ‘right’ way to do things

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