'Black Adam, Ticket to Paradise Benefit From Star Power

to Paradise Benefit From Star Power

“Black Adam”

and “Ticket to Paradise” helped the box office deliver its biggest weekend in months

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the two new films have managed to overperform in their respective debuts without major stars

1 movie

with $67 million, as well as “Ticket to Paradise,” which took second place with $16

2 million, word-of-mouth

proved strong enough to beat early projections

Yet neither

film enjoyed particularly dazzling reviews; “Black Adam” holds a 40% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while “Ticket

But box

office analysts believe that what those films lack in critical praise, they make up for

“These two

movies boast three of the biggest and truest movie stars in the world,” says Paul

“The time-honored

tradition of a big star at the top of the marquee feels like it’s

Still, “Black

Adam” cost $195 million, so although it has earned $140 million globally to date, Warner Bros

needs the

movie to keep playing in theaters to justify its massive price tag

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