'‘Black Beauty’ Director Ashley Avis Explores Treatment of Wild

Ashley Avis Explores Treatment of Wild

Ashley Avis

was looking to put a modern spin on “Black Beauty,” Anna Sewell’s classic novel

So when

it came time to adapt the book for a new generation of moviegoers, Avis opted

The film

debuted on Disney+ in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, but the journey didn’t

And that’s

upsetting because if horse people don’t know this is happening, what about the

The bureau

has claimed that they do this to ensure that horses don’t become overpopulated or

But Avis

argues that these justifications are ever shifting and spurious

“They just

keep coming up with different reasons,” she says

“They need

to be put under a microscope for changing their narrative so many times

Avis and

her crew spent four years doing just that, and at one point were able to

The footage

they shot showed officials using helicopters to corral the horses, an approach which the film

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