'Brockhampton’s Final Show at the Fonda Recap

at the Fonda Recap

19), a

handful of fans were bundled up in beach chairs and tents along the Fonda Theatre’s


AT THE FONDA,” the venue’s marquee sign read

The kids

were camping out in hopes of getting tickets to Brockhampton’s final show, and on

Brockhampton declared

it “BH Weekend” two days prior when they announced the show and released their final

Live-streamed on

Amazon Music’s Twitch channel, the concert was free, and starting at 4:00 p

on Friday,

fans were able to get wristbands from the venue on a first come, first served

The concert

came as a surprise to fans since the group said their last two shows would

Inside the

Fonda, the floor slowly began to fill up in the hour preceding the show, which

The balcony

was reserved for Brockhampton’s guests, including their family and their label, RCA

Dua Lipa

was also attendance and fans spotted Tyler, the Creator as he slipped out at the

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