'Cairo Industry Head on Nurturing Bold, Boundary-Pushing Arab Directors

on Nurturing Bold, Boundary-Pushing Arab Directors

Running alongside

it is the Cairo Film Connection co-production market, which showcases 15 projects from 10 countries across North

“We want

Industry Days to not just be a place where young filmmakers hear an inspiring talk

The multi-day

workshops include an immersive, five-day session with American cinematographer Irvin Liu focused on the art

The director

will offer one-on-one mentoring to 10 up-and-coming Egyptian filmmakers, who will use the course to develop

“It’s another

level of giving developmental opportunities for filmmakers to develop their skills and find a

The panel

will examine how film productions in the Middle East and North Africa can be more

Of Greener

Screen, Allam noted that it’s “inspiring to see an Arab initiative encouraging Arab producers

Meanwhile Cairo

Industry Days will shine a spotlight on the growing Saudi Arabian film industry, which has

The Cairo

panel will examine ways that “we as an Arab market can all benefit,” she added

It’s been

a strong year for Arab cinema, with filmmakers from the region occupying coveted slots

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