'Cameron Crowe Adores Recording ‘Almost Famous’ Cast Album

Recording ‘Almost Famous’ Cast Album

Cameron Crowe

believes the spirit of a place lingers long after the moment has passed

That’s what

makes recording the Broadway Almost Famous cast album at New York’s iconic Power

“It’s like

going back to the roots of why I love music and what I love

Working in

the control room alongside fellow producers Tom Kitt and Scott M

Riesett, Crowe

called the process “utterly authentic” as they directed the cast, chorus and band in different

“I have

this thing where I believe that the spirits of a place, the spirit of what’

You can

feel what happened to you when you lived there,” Crowe said

Some of

the most prominent rock and pop albums were recorded at the legendary studio, including Bruce

Standing against

the soundboard, Crowe wears that pride on his brow as he tells the latest version

More than

another project, Almost Famous was a deeply personal coming-of-age-story for Crowe when he wrote and

Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell

Reunite on ‘SNL’