'Carey Mulligan on Steven Spielberg Working With Marcus Mumford

Steven Spielberg Working With Marcus Mumford

” As it

turned out, the lead singer of Mumford & Sons needed help with the song’s

Earlier this

year, Mulligan was working on Maestro with Bradley Cooper at the time, with Spielberg executive

The actress

said she previously learned Spielberg’s wife, Kate Capshaw, is a Mumford & Sons fan

“Not long

after that, we got a video of Steven and Kate dancing in their kitchen to

”And it

was so lovely and they were so supportive and so sweet

Months later,

the Great Gatsby actress told Kimmel she was on set, in a makeup bus, when

She ended

up asking the filmmaker in July, who agreed to direct the video, saying, “They [Mumford

During the interview,

Kimmel held up a photo of Spielberg making the video with Mumford

The director

can be seen holding an iPhone while on a rolling office chair, filming the singer

“The message

is, if you have a crazy thought, express it…

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