'‘Cat Person’ Review: Don’t Mistake This for a Date

Don’t Mistake This for a Date

In the

wickedly ambiguous Sundance conversation-starter “Cat Person,” two singles a half-generation apart see their relationship quite

More like

“Wild at Heart”-era Nicolas Cage, minus the charisma

Margot describes

him as “tall, dark and … problematic” to her roommate

The two

start to text, sending what could aptly be called “mixed messages,” and things get complicated

A co-writer

on Gen Z coming-of-ager “Booksmart,” director Susanna Fogel likes complicated

Back in

2017, “Cat Person” originated as a fiction entry in The New Yorker, but quickly became something

“Cat Person”

ran two months after the magazine published Ronan Farrow’s exposé on Harvey Weinstein, and

Open to

conflicting interpretations from any number of perspectives, “Cat Person” invited debate, engaging directly with the

We’re a

long way from “Say Anything,” but a lot closer to reality, and that’s

” Though some

might beg to differ with that assessment, as written the movie starts to feel like

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