'Celebrity Hairstylists Say Hollywood Still Doesn’t Accept Black Hair:

Hollywood Still Doesn’t Accept Black Hair:

“Black hair

is both stigmatized and celebrated,” according to the “The Hair Tales” trailer

” The question

not addressed in the docuseries promo: when will it be accepted in Hollywood?

Most known

for her work with sister duo Chloe and Halle Bailey, Nu recognizes the strength of

Their solution

for a brief time was to hide their locs under a wig

It was

one of the first times she felt pressure from the industry to alter herself for

But, the

singer always opted not to conform to those pressures, despite the calls from those within

“For me,

even though I would hear certain comments about changing who I was or changing the

“It’s all

I’ve ever known, so I didn’t really think there was anything different

That attitude

was instilled in both Chloe and her sister at a young age due to their

Though, perhaps

it shouldn’t be considered so revolutionary that these two young stars admire the hair

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