'Chappelle’s Show Characters Crossover With House of the Dragon

Crossover With House of the Dragon

Tyrone Biggums,

Rick James and Silky Johnson are now “Game of Thrones” canon

The original

“Chappelle’s Show” characters were resurrected for a very special “House of the Dragon” sketch

Returning host

Dave Chappelle brought back three characters from his sketch series, which ran from 2003 to 2006 on

Similar to

his show, Chappelle re-appeared after his 15-minute opening monologue ridiculing Kanye West for his antisemitic

“Anyone out

here watching this new show, ‘House of the Dragon,'” Chappelle asked the crowd, mic

“I am

the biggest ‘Game of Thrones’ fan, I love their new show

 And I got

to tell you, I love that they’re including Black characters

But to

be honest, the Black characters … they take me out of it a little bit

He then

teed up the SNL “House of the Dragon” sketch dotted with “Chappelle’s Show” throwbacks

First up,

Silky Johnson, who was reunited with original cast member Donnell Rawlings

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at 66