'CNN to Pull Back on Original Series, Films

Back on Original Series, Films

Food gurus

like Anthony Bourdain and Stanley Tucci will no longer figure as prominently in the recipe

Discovery-backed outlet’s

top executive, such ingredients are being put back on the shelf

CNN is

pulling back on production of the original series and films that have been a staple

Series like

Borudain’s “Parts Unknown” Tucci’s “Searching for Italy” and W

Kamau Bell’s

“United Shades of America” have proven valuable in helping CNN broaden its aperture and

Now, as

the network and its parent grapple with economic pressures, the pillar is likely to be

“Our long-term

plan will no longer rely on commissioned projects with outside partners,: said Chris Licht, chairman

“This was

a very difficult decision to make, and it was based, in large part, on the

However, I

want to be clear that longform content remains an important pillar of our programming

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