'Daniel Craig’s Belvedere Vodka Ad Is a State-of-the-Art Image

Vodka Ad Is a State-of-the-Art Image

The commercial

has a postmodern strike-a-pose viral aesthetic — it‘s two minutes of bliss frozen in time

Yes, the

extended spot is hawking vodka, and Craig probably got a paycheck that leaves most movie-star

The commercial

is Craig’s way of announcing who he is, or might be, now that he’

Over the

last 16 years, Craig has never just been James Bond

In addition

to Blanc, he has played Mikael Blomkvist in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” a

Yet the

Bond brand is so mythological, and Craig, because he’s a great actor, merged with

When an

actor has been stamped by that series, a question hovers over his future stardom: Can

Sean Connery,

the greatest actor to play Bond before Craig, took a long time to find his

Craig, I

suspect, will do a version of the same thing; he will build his post-Bond career

This is

the moment when he first serves that identity with a twist, shaken and maybe even

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