'Danny Elfman Has Triumphant Homecoming at Hollywood Bowl Shows:

Triumphant Homecoming at Hollywood Bowl Shows:

Back in

the day of Oingo Boingo, he’d frequently adopt a demonic grin that you could

He hasn’t

had much opportunity to show us those choppers in the 27 years since he wrapped

But when

he released a music video for his rock comeback single “Happy” last year, there the

When he

played at Coachella over two weekends this past April and doffed his shirt, onlookers took

Fortunately, maybe

even more importantly, he’s taken good care of his evil grin, too

During Saturday’s

set, there wasn’t much time or need for distractions, with nary a breath

His main

point was that the current act, with its courser language and copious overhead intestinal animation,

There was

no setup for any of these pieces… no “and then I wrote” explainers, or much

Most often,

film pieces led into rock pieces led into film pieces without a second’s hesitation

At the

Bowl, he had no such requirements, with double the set list coming in at just

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at No. 1 on Billboard 200