'Dominic West on Being Too Hot to Play Prince

Being Too Hot to Play Prince

“The Crown”

Season 5, which debuted after months of anticipation on Wednesday, has been touted as the most

Charles eventually

went on to marry his mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles, and the couple ascended to the

How did

you get the parts of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles – did you get a

Williams: I had

to audition with him! And there were two other Camillas in the waiting room

Dominic, when

you got that call was there any hesitation about taking on the role?

Obviously it

was daunting playing a character I’ve never done before who’s still alive and

So there

are all sorts of reservations, as you can imagine, and I think ultimately, though, as

And for

you, Olivia, you auditioned, which suggests it was a part you wanted, but once you’

I’ve managed

to steer a strange course through my career of being sufficiently employed to earn

And I

was slightly worried that I might have the same fate as Camilla, that people would

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