'Drake & 21 Savage Must Stop Using Fake Vogue

Savage Must Stop Using Fake Vogue

“Issuance of

the requested temporary restraining order is in the public interest to protect the public against

For the

past week, Drake and 21 Savage have been on a phony media blitz to promote Her

They dropped

a video of a fake performance on Saturday Night Live, teased an a similar appearance

NPR used

the stunt as an opportunity to tell the star he was “welcome anytime” on the

“All of

this is false,” the publisher’s lawyers wrote, demanding an immediate injunction forcing Drake and 21

The order

issued Wednesday is what’s known as a temporary restraining order – a quick injunction designed

A plaintiff

like Condé can only win one if the judge decides that they are likely to

Judge Rakoff’s

order bars Drake and 21 from “using, displaying, dissenting or distributing” the fake cover or

And it

expressly requires them to take down websites and social media posts sharing the image, and

Notably, it

also explicitly requires them to stop making any mention of Vogue editor in chief Anna

Neve Campbell References Still

in Scream 6 After Sexist Offer