'Early LGBTQ Author Fritz Peters Getting Doc Treatment

Fritz Peters Getting Doc Treatment

A documentary

about the life and work of author Fritz Peters is underway from director William Gazecki

Peters was

a trailblazer in his frank and intimate depictions of homosexuality, spirituality and mental illness in

Despite selling

big in his time, his catalogue has fallen into relative obscurity compared to the celebrated

 Hirsch Giovanni acquired

Peters’ complete works and are also mounting a scripted adaptation of his book “Finistè

” Creative executive Alexandra

Carbone is overseeing the doc for the production company

As Peters

was born in 1913, Hirsch Giovanni underscored the need for timeliness in interviewing the author’s

A featured

subject in the doc include Edward Field, a poet who has been out since the 1960

Through his

friendship with Peters, he archived the writer’s personal letters and relationships

In addition

to identifying as homosexuals, Peters and Field had military service and post-traumatic stress in common,

Peters’ daughter,

Katharine Rivers, is another key interviewee who is also the heir to the estate

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