'Easter Eggs from Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’

Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’

(Caution: Mild

spoilers for Netflix’s “Wednesday” ahead

What is

a Tim Burton project without Easter eggs? The new series “Wednesday is teeming with them,

Production designer

Mark Scruton has filled the Netflix show with fun references for those familiar with the

Speaking with

Variety, Scruton revealed that the Weathervanes coffee shop that Wednesday and the students of Nevermore

They were

designed by Scruton in reference to Burton’s other movies: a Headless Horseman from “Sleepy

Wednesday hates

all things related to the pilgrims and colonialism

When she’s

transferred to her new school Nevermore, Wednesday learns the closest amusement park is Pilgrim

The theme

park is a nod to the movie sequel, “Addams Family Values,” when Wednesday and her

It’s a

place neither can stand, particularly Wednesday who burns the pilgrims’ first celebration of Thanksgiving

Ever curious,

Wednesday learns Nevermore Academy has a secret society

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