'Elton John Interviews Joni Mitchell for ‘Rocket Man’ Radio

Joni Mitchell for ‘Rocket Man’ Radio

Elton John

interviewed Joni Mitchell for his Apple Music 1 show on Saturday (Nov

12), and

the folk legend opened up about her legacy, performing at the Newport Folk Festival and more

“And you

stood up and played guitar,” John pointed out, to which she replied, ” Yeah, that I

I’ve become

an alto, I’m not a soprano anymore, so I couldn’t sing the

And I

thought people might feel lighted that if I just played the guitar part but I

Mitchell also

reflected on the impact of her early music from the folk movement of the 1960s

“At the

time, no, I took a lot of flak if anything,” the singer said

“I think

it upset the male singer/songwriters,” she continued

Do we

have to bear our souls like this now?’ I think it made people nervous

More nervous

than… It took to this generation — they seem to be able to face those emotions

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