'‘Emancipation’ Review: Will Smith Carries Epic Slave Saga

Smith Carries Epic Slave Saga

More than

150 years since the end of the Civil War, slavery remains the scar that just won’

Seeing Black

men chained and beaten, their limbs ripped apart by dogs, and any kind of resistance

It’s no

secret that Smith turned down the lead role in “Django Unchained

” Here, he

and Fuqua approach the subject of slavery with the same care Hollywood typically brings to

In “Emancipation,”

there’s an educational element to the experience, and the tone seems appropriately sober

But the

dramatic engine is that of a lean, mean manhunt movie

Infamous as

the photo of Peter may be, precious little is known about the man it depicts (

Collage license

to fill in what’s been lost to history with elements that scholars do know

Smith plays

Peter as a man of faith, penitent before his god, but defiant of men

He speaks

French with his family and heavily accented English to all others

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