'Fyre Festival’s Founder Is Out of Prison, Launching New

Is Out of Prison, Launching New

Billy McFarland,

convicted felon and founder of the infamous 2017 Fyre Festival, is back with a new venture

” He then

flips a whiteboard to reveal a treasure map taped to the other side and says

“This time,

everybody’s invited,” he adds, before ripping the treasure map from the whiteboard to reveal

The video

has since been removed from TikTok, though it remains available to watch on YouTube Shorts

No additional

information on the venture is known at this time, and representatives for McFarland declined to

But when

attendees arrived on the island, they discovered the event was a sham

In addition

to the Fyre Festival fraud, McFarland also pleaded guilty to charges in a subsequent ticket-selling

In addition

to his prison sentence, McFarland was ordered to pay roughly $26 million in restitution for his

In addition

to his criminal victims, McFarland also owes nearly $11 million to the creditors of Fyre Festival

4 million judgement

is owed to the state by the now defunct Fyre Media Inc

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