'‘Good Night Oppy’ Filmmaker Ryan White on Recreating Famous

Filmmaker Ryan White on Recreating Famous

The heartwarming

documentary follows and chronicles the true story of Opportunity, the famous NASA rover delivered to

The mission

was expected to last 90 days, yet it survived for over 15 years

White was

able to conduct interviews, edit and work on VFX from his Los Angeles base while

He weaves

archival NASA footage, current interviews, and CGI magic courtesy of Industrial Light & Magic

However, his

toughest challenge he says was showing the landing, which turned out to be a collaborative

The scene

nicknamed “EDL” showed the entry, descent and landing of the Mars rover and intercut archival

“Once the

robot reaches Mars, she’s doodling along, it’s not like we can create a

Previous missions

had failed, and there was pressure for this to be a success

Initially, the

scene was going to be the documentary’s cold open

“We started

to realize you don’t understand the stakes unless you’ve given something around it

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