'Harry Styles Fans Camp Overnight to Get to the

Camp Overnight to Get to the

But the

atmosphere outside is hardly the calm before the storm

“We didn’t

sleep because it was so cold, but we wish we could have slept

” Ahead her

are dozens of fans who have been waiting even longer

Beeler then

explains that they waited in line with other fans from 3 a

, and then

after seven hours, they receive an “early general admission” wristband, which allows them to be

The fans

are then encouraged to go home, rest and get ready, before returning at 3 p

To pass

the time, the groups keep it fun with card games, making TikToks or simply just

But there’s

strength in numbers when it comes to Styles fans, affectionately called Harries

“I fully

slept on the street by myself, two feet away from a random car,” 19-year-old Julianna

“Harry is

the only artist that I would feel safe camping by myself for

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