'Harvey Weinstein Accuser Called Back on Stand to Debunk

Called Back on Stand to Debunk

A surprising

turn of events occurred in the final moments of the Harvey Weinstein trial when prosecutors

Matthau stood

in stark contrast to a defense witness who testified earlier this week, JoAnn Jansen, the

” Jansen told

the jury that she has no idea who Matthau is and was firm in her

After Matthau’s

testimony completely contradicting Jansen, it remains to be seen whether the jury will determine

“To this

day, I still receive them,” Matthau said on the stand of being sent residual checks

“If you’re

a principal dancer or have a speaking role, you get residuals … extras don’t

When the

prosecutor showed Jansen the IMDb pages for “Dirty Dancing,” Jansen said that she recognized everyone

“She was

credited with being a dancer, but you don’t recognize her?” the prosecutor asked

Matthau said

on Wednesday that she auditioned for Jansen and was cast as the body double for

Matthau explained

to the jury that she was in rehearsals nearly every day and worked alongside Jansen

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