'Harvey Weinstein Trial: First Woman on Stand Alleges Oral

First Woman on Stand Alleges Oral

The witness,

known as Jane Doe #1, was the first to be called by the prosecution

The woman

is a foreign actress, whose first language is not English

She speaks

Russian, Italian and English, though her translator accompanied her in the courtroom and was utilized

At the

time of the alleged incident, Weinstein had only met Jane Doe #1 in passing at a

The two

had barely spoken to each other, other than an introduction, she testified

for a

business trip to the Los Angeles Italia Film Festival because she was invited as a

As a

popular actress in Italy, Jane Doe #1 was required to walk red carpets at the festival,

According to

the woman, Weinstein suddenly showed up to her hotel, Mr

C Beverly

Hills, after the actress returned to her hotel room past midnight one evening

She says

she had not informed him of where she was staying, let alone engaged in much

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