'Harvey Weinstein’s Attorney Cross-Examines Jane Doe 2

Cross-Examines Jane Doe 2

Tuesday’s cross-examination

was the most animated courtroom session thus far in Weinstein’s Los Angeles trial

His attorney,

Alan Jackson, pounded on the podium, taking off his suit jacket and pushing a chair

It was

also the most visible reaction seen from Weinstein, who laughed one time and at another

Young previously

testified during Weinstein’s New York trial in 2020

“It was

traumatic and it’s a memory that I have that I wish never happened,” she

“I know

that’s your story,” Jackson said, at one point, prompting Young to shoot back, “It’

It’s what

happened to me,” as Weinstein shook his head from the defendant’s table

Jackson pointed

out, for instance, that Young had told detectives she was “trapped” inside a sliding bathroom

Jackson showed

the jury photos that pictured the door on a hinge — not sliding — and asked Young

“Do you

want to change your statement about being trapped and locked in that bathroom?” Jackson asked

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