'Harvey Weinstein’s Testicles Become Key Argument in Cross-Examination

Become Key Argument in Cross-Examination

Harvey Weinstein’s

genitalia and a social media photo of Al Pacino became key sticking points in

(Jane Doe

#1 speaks fluent Russian and Italian and had a translator with her in court

Weinstein’s genitalia

has emerged as a key factor during the trial; the topic is expected to

Due to

a surgery in 1999, Weinstein’s testicles are abnormal, his attorneys have explained

Paul Thompson,

told the jury, “Because of an infection, his testicles were actually taken from his scrotum

During Jane

Doe #1’s testimony, she tearfully told the jury that when Weinstein forced her to perform

” Rehashing the

graphic details, Jane Doe #1 told the jury, “He forced me to do what he asked…

“The reason

that you changed your story is because you realized at some point that Mr

Weinstein does

not have testicles in his scrotum,” Jackson said to Jane Doe #1 on the stand

She disagreed

with that statement and testified that she never changed her story, always telling detectives that

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