'Heavy Metal Rocker Unmasked on ‘The Masked Singer’

Unmasked on ‘The Masked Singer’

There was

a lot of funny business going on with The Masked Singer on Wednesday night (Nov

16), as

Fox’s quirky show celebrated “comedy roast night

After accumulating

the fewest number of votes, The Bride was sent packing early

The mask

came off to reveal Chris Jericho, the former pro-wrestler and singer with heavy metal band

So why

dress as a pink dinosaur in a wedding dress for national TV? “It’s always

“I was

having a great time, this costume was amazing, it’s the best costume that I’

Avocado might

have won that round, but he didn’t see the night out

Following a

battle royale with Snowstorm, in which the pair sang Rock Hall inductee Carly Simon’s “

“I gotta

tell you,” he told host Nick Cannon, “somebody farted in this avocado suit and it

When asked

why he wanted to join The Masked Singer, another quip

Hainan Film Festival Makes

Return With Marco Mueller as Director