'Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford Talk Reuniting for ‘1923’

Harrison Ford Talk Reuniting for ‘1923’

“When we

first worked together, he was a huge movie star and I was like nobody,” Mirren

By 1986,

Ford had already portrayed Han Solo in the original “Star Wars” trilogy and starred in two “

She continued,

“I learned a lot from him because I hadn’t done a lot

I had

done a lot of theater at that point, [but] I hadn’t done a lot

So I

watched him and he taught me a great deal about film acting that, to this

“I admired

her work and her person then, and I hold the same degree of admiration for

“She’s just

a lovely person, so it’s been both a professional pleasure and also a

For Darren

Mann, who plays Jacob’s great-nephew Jack Dutton, working with Ford and Mirren “was just

That’s one

of her incredible qualities,” Marley Shelton recalled about her first day filming with Mirren

“Even though

it could be intimidating to work with Dame Helen Mirren — Academy Award winner — she’s

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