'Hilal Baydarov Seeks Out the Alien Space That Feels

Out the Alien Space That Feels

Azeri filmmaker

Hilal Baydarov’s work has won attention for its stunning imagery, confident framing and lyrical

As she

slowly lowers it, her story of a ghost village in which everyone has rotted away

“I learned

there was another world,” he says of the time, an insight that soon led to

“We are

here for the beauty,” he says of his filming days, allowing no phones or social

“I discover

my films by editing,” Baydarov says, adding that the rich soundscape of birds, wind, insects

For “Sermon

to the Fish,” typically, he ran through hundreds of bird sounds before choosing the ones

He often

cites a lesson from his mentor, the grand Hungarian surrealist, Tarr: “Film like a dream,

” But Baydarov also

believes that cinema is in its early days as an art and filmmakers are

If the

base unit of music is the note and the building block of literature is the

This realization

drives much of Baydarov’s work, he says, rather than any interest in finding or

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