'How the Cinematography of ‘Women Talking’ Plays With Time

of ‘Women Talking’ Plays With Time

“It was

important for the imagery in the film to mirror the weight of this seemingly impossible

A gothic-inspired

color palette would make the audience feel a conflict between this suppressive community and the

The moments

of silence, he says, were for the audience to experience what they had just seen

“The whole

film is designed to challenge your ideas visually,” says Montpellier

A factor

Montpellier needed to consider was conveying the idea of a ticking clock, since the women

“I had

the light shift subtly throughout the entire film so that you had this subconscious feeling

Leading up

to what Montpellier calls the “visual climax,” the women sing a hymn-like song

“Despite the

day having run out, they still take this moment to take care of what is

That’s the

shot where the sun sets right behind in real-time as our little girl falls

To me,

there was no better way to play with time and with this beautiful moment

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