'Hybe Profits Down in Third Quarter

in Third Quarter

Promotions with

direct involvement of artists—albums sales, concerts, advertisements, etc

New releases

from artists including Seventeen, Enhypen, NewJeans, and j-hope, were worth KRW 129 billion, accounting for the

Concert sales

for both Seventeen and Tomorrow X Together’s world tour marked KRW 47

Revenue categories

excluding artists’ promotion—merchandise sales, licensing, contents, fan club, etc

The company

blamed the dip in profits on production costs for a new audition program that unearthed

Hybe says

that it expects such investments and larger scale concerts will naturally enhance profitability in the

The company

said last month that BTS band members will begin to sign up for their military

While Hybe

is promoting the idea that it has diversified its activities investors were spooked in summer

In the

latest earnings statement, Hybe said that it was considering buying back some of its listed

Both are

signs of a mature enterprise that has moved beyond the fast=growth phase

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