'‘I Want People to Tolerate’: Antoine Khalife Discusses Red

to Tolerate’: Antoine Khalife Discusses Red

“We are

only on our second edition and have done great research to create different sections and

I am

quite surprised about what we managed to do in two years

“I was

so very proud of the program last year, and wanted to sustain the same level

We didn’t

think about having certain films from Saudi or Egypt, we wanted to have something

For example,

when we did our 2022 selection, we discovered many Saudi films were produced this year

We watched

them and kept discovering more and more, so we ended up with seven feature films

Despite having

Red Sea Fund-supported projects in the program, Khalife reiterates the festival and the fund are

“As a

programmer, I always ask myself if the films supported by the Red Sea Fund are

As the

head of the Arab program, my programmers and I are always defending our ability to

Still, the

director of Arab programs emphasizes the importance of the fund in fostering the local film

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