'IDFA Guest of Honor Laura Poitras Talks About Being

Honor Laura Poitras Talks About Being

The American

filmmaker, who is also this year’s Guest of Honor at IDFA, started the event

“I just

think it’s important to know that the person who’s organizing this festival is

The sentiment

of camaraderie and mutual admiration between the friends permeated the in-depth conversation, which touched on

“There is

a dark side to what we do, dark traditions, which falls within imperial history

And how

do you undo that? How do you interrogate power? How do ask the audience to

“As an

American, it is terrifying to witness [the invasion of Iraq]

We are

proposing to invade a country because we think they might do something

What an

obscene contradiction, right? We’re occupying you but it’s really just to bring you

It was

really hard to stomach,” commented Poitras when speaking about her sophomore feature, “My Country, My

“It’s a

question of belonging and loving your country, your society, the place where you come

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