'Intermission Launches Funds for Short Films

for Short Films

The fund

is divided into two parts Get it Shot, a production fund and Get It Finished,

The once

per year application for the production fund is open until Dec

20, 2022,

and will see two filmmakers being awarded GBP10,000 ($11,800) as well as development and editorial support

The finishing

fund is a rolling fund open year-round offering support to two films per year

Filmmakers will

be able to apply for a full post package, including on and offline edit, MGFX (

Intermission specialises

in the creation of AV, motion design and key art for film and television

Founded in

2012 by Sam Cryer, the company now has offices in New York, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Paris

Hong Kong-based

TV content distributor O4 Media has teamed up with World of Wonder to represent the

Since launching

competition series “RuPaul’s Drag Race” in 2007, World of Wonder has co-produced over 700 hours of

, France, Italy,

Canada, Spain and ‘Down Under’ (Australia and New Zealand)

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