'Japan’s Kogahara Takeshi On Debut Feature ‘Nagisa’

On Debut Feature ‘Nagisa’

“When you

start looking in the darkness, you’ll see something

That’s the

idea I wanted to depict and convey,” Kogahara Takeshi told Variety, after the screening

The plot

follows a young man (played by Yuzu Aoki) who suffers from guilt related to the

Thus, he

keeps on visiting the tunnel to re-experience his past

“The core

idea came up when I was studying at the film school, a long time ago – 20

The idea

was to [have a character] go into a tunnel and there see someone else, a

While continuing

his career path, this idea remained stuck in Kogahara’s mind, until he managed to

[…] Once

I was in the editing room, I picked whatever suited the story better, and that’s

So I

didn’t mean to cut down most of the lines and highlight the silence, but

And still,

I felt I had to keep some hints, some sounds, some figures, even in the

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