'Japan’s Media Firms Embrace the Webtoon Phenomenon

Embrace the Webtoon Phenomenon

First launched

in Korea by Naver Webtoon in 2004, webtoons – comics read on smartphones and other devices – have

(“Tatesc-Comic” is

a Nipponization of “Vertical Scroll Comic”

“We have

just held our second contest for newcomers,” said Tamaki

“One interesting

thing we’ve found this time around is that is that a large number of

The comics

are in a wide range of genres, from horror to romance, targeting both men and

But as

Kim noted, webtoons are also a democratic medium in which “anyone can self-publish and quickly

” And creators

can growth their audience without traditional gatekeepers raking off revenues

“Creators want

to promote their work, but it can require a huge amount of time and energy

In many

cases that’s where editors and publishers can play a role

“Of course,

they judge whether a work is interesting or not, but they also weigh the social

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