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“I didn’t

really fit in most of the times in my 10-year music career until now,”

“I felt

lost all the time but it’s just having that Mexican-American culture and being proud

There was

a moment when I was the first one tatted in regional Mexican and it was

It wasn’t

until I decided to be myself and have fun with it that people got

They take

your biggest insecurity and make that your nickname

“They tugged

in a lot on the type of person I was or what I did

It made

me want to be very true to myself and that’s how I ended up

I learned

to love myself because of the way the fans loved me for becoming myself

When it

comes to defending their art, Colombian-Canadian singer-songwriter Reyez assures that it’s “a given in

“I feel

that my skin has gotten a little bit thicker throughout the years,” she elaborates

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