'Ji.hlava Competition Doc “The Investigator” Returns to the Scene

“The Investigator” Returns to the Scene

An experienced

Czech cop proved to be the right man for the job when European justice officials

But Viktor

Portel’s film “The Investigator,” screening in the main competition at the Ji

Documentary Film

Festival, reveals Vladimír Dzuro to be a great deal more than a tenacious detective

Returning to

the scene of the crimes was “kind of a big trauma” for his subjects, says

We told

them we didn’t want to talk to them only about the trauma but that

The Czech

filmmaker and researcher was working at pubcaster Czech TV on historical shows when he first

“I realized

I had an obligation as a criminal investigator,” Dzuro says in the film, after seeing

Dzuro and

many others, Portel says, believed that shining a light on the atrocities would help change

The reality

of long, drawn out cases in which the chief suspects sometimes died before they could

“A lot

of people were really sad and angry about the court – and not only in Serbia,”

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