'Kanye West Praises Hitler in Horrific Antisemitic Tirade

Hitler in Horrific Antisemitic Tirade

Kanye West

went on a horrific antisemitic tirade during an appearance on Alex Jones’ “Infowars” talk show

It’s the

latest in a string of controversial media appearances for West, who has been dropped

West told

Jones that Hitler, like every human being, brought value to the world

Later in

the interview, West made antisemitic jokes about former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The rapper’s

latest antisemitic remarks were instantly condemned on social media

Writer Mark

Harris tweeted, “The Kanye horrors are laughable but also terrifying

When pro-Nazi

rhetoric gets this kind of repeated public airing, the discourse eventually edges into ‘Well that

“It’s not

what Kanye West says that scares me,” actor Josh Gad wrote

“It’s that

he has 30 million followers who listen to his insanity on top of a cheerleader

No one

who says ‘I love Hitler’ should be allowed any oxygen on any social platform (period)

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