'Karen Bass Leads By 4 Points Ahead of Rick

By 4 Points Ahead of Rick

3%, putting her

closer to making history as the first female mayor of Los Angeles

2% of the

vote, with a margin of 29,271 ballots over Caruso, who has 47

5% on the

morning after election day, but has gained steadily in each of the ballot updates since

If current

trends hold — and there’s no guarantee that they will — Bass would end up beating

“I am

honored and grateful for the support we are continuing to see,” Bass said in a

County Registrar-Recorder’s

Office processed 191,312 ballots countywide since the last update on Saturday, of which about 40% had

Bass won

63% of those votes — improving on her results in the previous three updates

The county

estimates that 655,300 ballots remain to be counted

Of those,

perhaps 250,000 or so would likely include votes for L

mayor, in

which case Caruso would have to win nearly 56% of the remaining votes to overtake Bass’

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