'Kendrick Lamar on Oscar Chances for ‘We Cry Together’

Oscar Chances for ‘We Cry Together’

He’s already

a 14-time Grammy Award winner, and now Kendrick Lamar is hoping to extend his

Leading up

to the 2023 Academy Awards — whose shortlist voting takes place next month, Dec

12-15 —

Lamar spoke with Variety in an interview published Tuesday (Nov

29) about

his short film We Cry Together, in which he stars opposite Taylour Paige

For the

rapper, one of the most important things about his short film was to make sure

We Cry

Together sees Lamar and Paige exploring a relationship that’s equal parts vulnerable and toxic

The film,

should it secure a nomination, would be up for a spot in the best live

“It challenged

me to actually live in what I was writing, and really be there and be

“The Heart

Part 5” rapper added, “So in writing, I say, ‘OK, how can I make this feel

’ I wanted

to bring that drama because, at the end of the day, whether we like it

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