'Kenzie Talks Single ‘100 Degrees,’ Reacts to Throwback Video

‘100 Degrees,’ Reacts to Throwback Video

“I actually

wrote this song about one of my friend’s breakups, not my personal one,” Kenzie

“She got

broken up with on Christmas Eve, and it’s just a terrible, terrible story

I just

wanted to shed light on how something can ruin everything for you during breakups

“It’s been

really fun stepping out of my comfort zone,” she added of playing around with

I’ve been

so happy, I’m comfortable with my music and I’m trying new things

Kenzie also

shouted out her older sister and fellow Dance Moms alum Maddie Ziegler

She always

tells me how proud she is of me,” she shared, before reacting on-camera to a

I was

so sassy and dramatic and always thought I was right,” she said with a laugh,

Maddie looks

so young and it’s so weird to see her so young

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