'Kim Petras Speaks Out About Mass Shooting at Colorado

Out About Mass Shooting at Colorado

Melissa Etheridge

will never forget the first time she stepped into a gay bar

She was

18 years old when she walked through the doors of a Boston nightclub called The Prelude

“But the

second time I went in, I was like, ‘OK, my people

I talked

to Etheridge on the carpet at the American Music Awards on Sunday afternoon

“My love

goes out to all my brothers and sisters in Colorado Springs,” Etheridge said

“This problem

we have in our society – the fear of others – is an epidemic and a disease

To say

that people who are different are to be feared created this sort of event

“That was

my safe place as a trans girl, as a teenager, as someone who didn’t

Petras, who

grew up in Germany and is now based in Los Angeles, called for stricter gun

“The only

place where I feel accepted and free is a gay club,” she said

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