'‘KPOP’ Review: Explosive Genre Makes Flashy Broadway Debut

Genre Makes Flashy Broadway Debut

, BTS’ J-Hope,

Blackpink’s Rosé) rise to the fleeting possibilities of individualism

K-pop, the

genre, is as contagious and deeply human as it is cold and calculating

“KPOP,” the

musical, understands that, bringing to Broadway a rousing portrait of the minutiae of the industry,

It’s a

cleverly playful dramedy wrapped around a concert and stuffed inside the enigma of what

“Amerika” with

its caustic “generika” rhyme scheme), the pair write merrily melodic and frenetically rhythmic dance tracks

She’s written

sensitive, non-K-pop songs such as the acoustic-guitar tune “Mute Bird” but knows RBY would

Run with

an iron fist by Ruby (Jully Lee), a one-time vocalist who blew her big chance 20

This same

gig doubles as the label’s introduction of the girl group RtMIS (pronounced “Artemis”) and

Pay attention

though and you hear the dynamics of the storyline’s drama played out in smartly

” (That one

character yearns for brotherhood while another wants to claim her individuality makes for a lovely

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for Macron at Biden’s First State